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Safety In The Work Place: Warning Graphic Images…

Posted by admin on July 11, 2016 in the Category: H&S

Safety in the workplace is paramount in any company or business type. Please share this to help stop H&S mishaps. Some businesses workplaces are more dangerous than others; in IT you might get repetitive strain injury in the wrists; on a construction site you might very well end up with gaping crush wounds.

This article aims to provide some graphic portraits of terrible injuries that will hopefully shock you into taking health and safety in the workplace more seriously.

Look at the image below this is the kind of accident that occurs if you don’t follow instructions to wear a hard-hat:

Nasty head wound - forehead gash above eyebrow.  His, right hand side of head.

A deep gash but it could have been worst it’s not as bad as some of the injuries involving lathes:

Horrific arm injury in lathe

The above image was taken after a near fatal accident when a man became entangled in his tool. A lathe will not stop for metallic objects so why would it stop for flesh and bone?

Now let’s look at some crush accidents; this was happened because the driver swerved to stop himself from running over an employee who wasn’t wearing a hi-vis vest. The tractor driver sustained some terrible crush injuries but made a full recovery albeit after a lengthy spell of physiotherapy.

crush-injury-tractor man dead - slowly -dying

Often when accidents occur with machinery the motion of the mechanism can cause the dermal layers of the flesh to become ‘skinned’ away from the sub-dermal. Very unpleasant to look at and the pain must have been immense due to the injury sustained by the man below:


Electricity wound characterised by an exit wound where there was a good ground contact made between the hand and earth:

Electric jelly burn

Chainsaws causes numerous accidents in the UK each year. Full Kevlar PPE should be worn and as this image demonstrates; chainsaw safe footing.

Chainsaw foot.

We hope that viewing these shocking and gruesome photographs (and they’re not the worst we’ve seen!) will encourage you to buy the correct personal protection equipment such as hard hats, hi-vis vests and safety clothing.

Sandycroft Workwear is here to provide our customers with workwear in the North Wales and Chester area with premium H&S gear personalised to you or your company. Please contact us on 01244 638 747 to see how we can help you!

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