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Printed Hi Vis Vests

Posted by admin on April 20, 2016 in the Category: PPE

What are printed hi vis vests?  A printed hi vis vest is a high visibility vest you can wear over your work overalls with your company’s logo printed on.

Why have a printed hi vis vest?  By law in the UK you must wear hi vis safety clothing at work where visibility is important for example a construction site or another industry where health and safety hazards due to visibility is important.

Who exactly wears hi vis vests? Anyone exposed to dangers or are a potential danger to others must wear high visibility clothing.  So you can think anyone on a construction site, an industrial setting, railway workers and road workers.

Hi vis vest printing

Who offers hi vis vest printing services?  Sandycroft Workwear offer hi vis vest printing.  Buy in bulk and you can save money.  We offer a friendly service that can print your company logo on to your hi vis vests.

Cheap hi vis vests

How cheap is cheap for your hi vis vests? The more you purchase the cheaper it is.  Review the chart below to see how our cheap hi vis vests are non-printed and printed:

Printed Hi Vis Vests - Buy them online here.

Hi vis vests with logo

How do you print the logo onto the hi vis vests?  We use a sublimation process to get your logo printed on to your hi vis vest with logo on the back.  That’s all that we can tell as we’d rather not give away our trade secrets!

Custom hi vis vest

So essentially you offer custom hi vis vests of our company’s brand? We offer a custom hi vis vest of your company’s logo on a vest of your colour choice. Buy in bulk and the cheaper they get.

How do we get our logo over to you? Simply email Sandycroft Workwear your logo and give us a call to place your order.  We’ll get them printed up and you’ll have your hi vis vests in no time.

Customised hi vis vests

If you would like our customised hi vis vests the please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01244638747 and we’ll be in touch.  Alternately please feel free to purchase through our online shop by adding the product to your shopping basket.

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