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The Importance of Decent Workwear in North Wales

Posted by admin on June 12, 2014 in the Category: Services

Businesses in North Wales are governed by stringent workwear regulations laid down by the UK government.Workwear North Wales -- We specialise in embroidered uniforms and printed logos on Safety  Workwear in North Wales Health and Safety regulations are set up to guarantee employee safety and ensure that employers know how to best implement them. There are many bona fide workwear suppliers in North Wales, so the question “why is workwear important?” deserves an answer.

Safe in the workplace & staff in uniforms

Most construction companies have a designated health and safety manager or equivalent who is responsible for ensuring that employees have access to the most appropriate workwear; this safety workwear often being a company uniform with logo printed or embroidered . The importance of workplace safety can’t be underlined enough; as work related injuries cause difficulties and lost work time to many thousands of construction industry workers each year in the UK.

There is an intrinsic expectation that all members of staff should be able to carry out their duties without incurring injury or harm. Aside from such obvious duty of care considerations there are sound business reasons for ensuring staff are safe in the workplace.

Peace of mind with the right workwear

When carrying out their roles on a construction site, employers want their team to have their focus on the job at hand — not be worrying about whether their workwear will keep them safe in the event of an accident. A poorly equipped employee will be less proactive, more timid and less willing to ‘get their hands dirty’ than someone who is 100% confident that their equipment is fit for purpose.

Retention of Staff

Issuing embroided workwear that is not fit for purpose will do nothing to mitigate the risk of injury or harm to employees. If employees are unhappy with this facet of their working life they will legitimately not feel comfortable in the workplace. If someone feels poorly looked after they are more likely to look for other employment options elsewhere. This means that employers will not retain quality well trained and motivated staff.

Providing the most appropriate workwear is the absolute least that any employer should be doing. Intertwined with this obligation is the need for effective training, this is especially true of more hazardous workplaces such as those involving chemicals or heavy industry. It also important to state that this is not a purely top down enterprise with employees demanding basic protection from a reluctant employer. Responsible employers in North Wales will have these frameworks in place and be fully aware of their importance.

In short employers recognise that supplying the workforce with the best quality workwear is two way street which benefits both agencies in the longer term.

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