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Hard Hats and Helmets For Sale

Posted by admin on April 7, 2016 in the Category: Hard Hats & Helmets

Sandycroft Workwear supplies hardhats and helmets to a large number of personalised satisfied customers from only £3.25 each. We’ve a range of hard hats to suit every customer’s needs. We sell hard hats at cheap prices! You can find our hard hat products here.

Hard hats for sale

Yes we offer our hard hats for sale; for example if you’re a construction worker then our hard hats are right for you. Made to standards such as standard ao safety hard hats xlr8 and standard ansi z89.1 hard hats that we supply at low prices.

Helmets and hardhats UK

Helmets and hard hats (both the same objects) in the UK have legalities for health and safety involved with them. You need to make sure that your (usually yellow hard hat) is up to the standards as mentioned above. A hard hat or helmet that fails when a brick drops on your head is a worthless helmet.
All of our safety hardhats are constructed to British standards and are of a superior quality. The best hard hats and ANSI approved helmets are must for any industry that involves wither working from heights or where co-workers are working above you typical examples include industrial settings and construction sites.

Personalised Hardhats

Sandycroft Workwear can make sure your hardhat is personalised too. We offer a range of branding and sublimation services including stickers for your hard hats and helmets. Our personalised hard hats could be personal to you or perhaps you’d like them branded with the logo of your company.

Branded hardhats

Branding hard hats is a great way to show off your business and when you purchase in bulk we can provide you with an even better price. We brand using durable methods of sublimation and we know your helmet will show your business off.
If you would like to know more information on or product and printing and design service please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

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