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Workwear Chester – 7 Reasons to Use Sandycroft Workwear

Posted by admin on June 16, 2015 in the Category: Services

Correct workwear for the right job is essential within companies these days as it shows a sense of professionalism, it not only protects the worker it also shows the off the company’s logo and makes the person wearing it feel part of the team. If you are looking for workwear shops in Chester then look no further than Sandycroft Workwear. Sandycroft Workwear are a supplier of branded workwear in Chester and surrounding areas. Branded workwear is a great way to advertise your organisation to current and future customers as marketing your business can be costly when it comes to commercials or posters. Another good thing is that everything can be branded, from your socks to your hats and even mugs.

Why Use Sandycroft Workwear?

Their Vision – Workwear Shops in Chester

Sandycroft Workwear always think about the customer’s best interest at heart. Their belief is that it is very important to have a professional uniform at work. Their vision is to help every customer find the right uniform for their needs and to deliver a seamless transaction from distribution centre to your door.

The Best Brand Names in Chester

Sandycroft Workwear only use the brands that you can trust. Names like Gildan, Portwest and Snickers for example shows the quality of their clothing. Sandycroft Workwear operate a premium quality garment guarantee on all clothing and corporate workwear and uniforms. All their clothing are not just warm in the winter but they are also very durable to withstand the elements all year round.

All Workwear Printing In One Place

Whatever your needs are Sandycroft Workwear also supply sportswear, leisure wear, business wear and children’s clothing. Clothing aside they also provide a digitised artwork and logo guide service where you can convert your logo into digital data so that the digital embroidery machine can understand it.

They Are On TV!

Sandycroft Workwear supply TV shows like MTV’s The Valleys with various merchandise and apparel used, throughout the series their garments were worn. They also supply Eastenders with T shirts that are used in the wardrobe department for the main cast and extras. It’s safe to say that if shows of that calibre trust them to kit out their cast then it shows the quality of Sandycroft Workwear based in Chester.

Great Customer Service

Having great customer service is very important to any company as this is what the customer remembers and judges you as a company on. It shows the customers that you care for not just them but also the company that you work for. Sandycroft Workwear understands this, that is why all their staff are very friendly and approachable online and offline. They can actually guarantee great customer service.

Other Personalised Items From Our Chester Shop

Sandycroft Workwear have a number of other services that they provide. Thinking of having a hen t-shirts or stag night t shirts and want everyone in the same clothes with whatever you want printed on them? Then that is another good reason to use Sandycroft Workwear as they do that too! Sandycroft Workwear also supply promotional mugs and even bottle openers that can be personalised.

Special Offers for Branded Clothing Chester

It is always a good thing when places have special offers, so unsurprisingly as Sandycroft Workwear Printing Chester is the best, they always have special offers for their customers to benefit from.

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