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Design Your Own Printed Stag Do T-Shirts

Posted by admin on June 12, 2014 in the Category: Stag Night T-Shirts

Gone are the days when the last night of single life is celebrated the night before marriage. This is of course a wonderful development.Stag Do T Shirts For Friends - On Stag Nights Out Cheap Printed T-Shirts. As with its hen night equivalent a stag do is supposed to be a celebration and get together for close friends and not a debaucherous and juvenile drunken night out.

It can be absolutely anything; the last stag do I attended involved a river cruise and stand-up comedy complete with the itinerary printed on the back of the t shirt. This was a really nice extra personal touch (the groom is a prolific attender of gigs and concert. This answers the question “Why design your own stag do t shirts?” It gives the whole occasion an extra buzz and garners the groom a few extra drinkies at the bar.

Making the printed stag do t shirt yours…

There is a piece of music by the Shaman (80’s / 90’s dance act) called “Make it Mine”. For a stag do it almost seems too obvious to state but getting the t shirts personalised for the occasion is an absolute must. In other words how can the stag do be “yours” without having cheap personalised stag do t shirts to mark the occasion? It’s a bit like going to see your favourite band, you want the t shirt to remember the concert by. The stag do t shirts which are custom made act as a souvenir of the event for all who took part. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably never wear it again but you do want a token to mark the occasion. Most stag do t shirt options are inexpensive and widely available from reputable printers. There is no point in blowing the budget on just the t-shirts; a bulk order from a local outlet will suffice and many companies that offer personal workwear online, offer other services such as personalised stag do t shirts.

Stag Do Priorities

The stag do is traditionally organised by the best man and normally this is still the case, although he is of course at liberty to ask for help at any time! The actual event must in some way connect with the groom’s interests and be designed to appeal to those in attendance, in many ways simplicity is best! The event is more important than the t shirts. Again it is obvious, but get the party and / or activities organised first and ideally have an idea of numbers, then go and organise the cheap personalised stag do t shirts.

If the whole group is wearing the same t shirts (again it’s obvious but get the sizes right) then the whole event has an extra flair as well as being more fun and that means you’ll want to remember it. Q the printed t shirt for the stag do.

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