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Five Chester Workwear Construction Site Essentials

Posted by admin on May 21, 2014 in the Category: Services

Anyone who has ever worked on a construction site in the Chester area will be able to attest to the daily risk of potentially serious workplace injury. Workwear Chester & embroidery services in Chester and workwear suppliers Chester.It is the responsibility of construction companies and contractors to put in place stringent safety measures to keep their team safe while on site. With the best will in the world, sometimes people are careless and accidents will occasionally happen. This is why having the correct workwear is an essential part of avoiding unnecessary injuries and we offer brilliant embroidery services for your company and we’re a great workwear Chester company providing organisations in the area with branded safety clothing.

The following five items should form the core of any workwear wardrobe. These items are all available from good workwear suppliers in Chester/Cheshire and together go a long way to ensuring the safety of your team.

1) Hard Hat

At any construction site there is the constant risk of falling objects causing severe head injuries or even death. Sudden falls of bricks, loose tiles, masonry or even tools can take place even in ostensibly stable sites, so a good quality hard hat should be worn at all times when on site.

2) Gloves

Wearing gloves is nothing to do with a desire to keep the wearer’s hands silky soft! Construction sites are full of hot, sharp or uneven surfaces that can cut or damage your hands, not to mention the risk of electrocution from electrified surfaces on some sites. A decent pair of gloves is therefore one of the most important pieces of workwear you should invest in.

3) Steel Toe-Capped Boots

A sturdy pair of steel toe capped boots can help avoid a range of injuries that can quite literally cripple a worker. A good boot will be fitted so that it protects against ankle sprains when tripping on uneven ground. It should also guard against the risk of heavy objects being dropped or even having toes run over by plant moving about the site.

4) Ear Plugs

Long term exposure to noise from plant, drills, tools and background construction sounds can cause chronic hearing loss, as well as debilitating aural conditions such as tinnitus and burst ear-drums. Ear plugs are an essential item of workwear, especially for workers handling noisy equipment such as pneumatic drills or chainsaws.

5) Goggles

Brick dust is a known irritant and in some people it can contribute to eye infections or provoke allergic reactions. There is also the very real danger of eye damage resulting from flying debris ejected from sawing or drilling operations. A good quality pair of goggles will protect your team from both of these dangers, while not impairing visual awareness.

With all these workwear items quality is key, so make sure you shop around for decent equipment at one of Chester’s reputable workwear suppliers – like Sandycroft Workwear!

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