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Personal Protective Equipment


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Keep your work force SAFE!
PPE is a vital part of your workers health and safety requirements
when working with hazardous substances,
or in and around hazardous scenarios.
PPE comes in many different forms,
all designed to keep you safe and protected while at work.
 It protects only the wearer, while being worn, safely equipping them for the job in hand.

Sandycroft Workwear offers a wide range of PPE for a number of different requirements.
Please request a copy of our catalogue for more details by calling our head office on
01244 638 747 or emailing

Types of PPE

Protective workwear clothes, protective footwear, eye protection, reinforced Outerwear, gloves and masks

When deciding about PPE.

Is it suitable for the conditions of the job? If it fails, PPE offers no protection at all.
Please choose the right article, at the right size for your employees,
to ensure they are well protected.

Does it offer the right level of protection?
​Please be aware that PPE is usually categorised by a classification under standard law,
so please ensure you are offering the correct protection for your work force.
All of Sandycroft Workwear's PPE equipment
comes with am indicator of category and class for your peace of mind,
please request a digital catalogue by emailing

It is important that employees know why they need PPE and are trained to use it correctly.
Otherwise it is unlikely to protect as required.
Once you have established the garments and the equipment you need to comply
with your legal obligations to your workforce,
give us a call on 01244 638 747 because here at Sandycroft Workwear,
we can help you to choose the right article from our catalogue,
and insure that your workforce are kitted out safely!

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