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Printed Promotional Merchandise

Sandycroft Workwear not only provide the best quality workwear, and garments,
we also offer a range of top quality branded merchandise solutions for your business,
whether it be large or small.

Company branded wooly hats, to personalised mugs,
we specialise in branding your company name on to products that help grow your business.
Merchandise is more than just a gimmick, it really is simple marketing at its finest,
for a very cost effective way of reinforcing your band, your colours,
your message to the people that you need to see them.

For example, Branded mugs!

Whether its simply being on the lips (pun intended) of your customers,
or being on the desk of a client, or simply Sending out a gift to a supplier...
Our ceramic 10oz white mugs offer a perfect opportunity to get your logo in front of the people
you want it to.
Who remembers the last time they threw a mug away?
How many company mugs do you have lying around the office in the kitchen or worshop... a few?
Right, ok and you can probably name the companies on them right? 
Thats the joy of company mugs,
they really are unbelieveable ways of branding yourself constantly with the people that you offer them to.
Plus they look good in your own office.

Company branded mugs box of 36 personalised to your specification, two sided print,
ONLY £90 (plus VAT) with your logo design on them plus postage.

No hidden charges like many of the popular online sites throw on at the end of the purchase,
not here.
What would that mean to you?
36 opportunities to secure potential new business?
36 ways of showing the world that you mean business.

Branded woolly hats are a fantastic and cost effective way of literally branding your logo
on the head of the wearer who is keeping warm; functional and genius marketing all at the same time!
Sounds good right?
Give us a call 01244 638 747 or email us at
for more information on genius merchandising or to place your order!

Please browse some of our merchandise below,
and speak to one of our friendly sales team about the best solution for your business.

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