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Digitised Artwork and Logo Guide

                   Artwork specification  
Artwork is required as a pdf or hi-res jpeg image, bmp or png picture.
This needs to be sent as an attachment via email to info@sandycroftworkwear.co.uk
with your company name / order number as the title of the email.
We can then review the design for digitising if your logo is to be embroidered.
Embroidered Designs
What is digitising?.... and why do you need to know?
Digitising is the conversion of your artwork such as a picture of your logo, converting it into digital data so that the digital embroidery machine views your logo as a number of specific stitches (thousands of them!). The new digitised version of your logo tells a computerised embroidery machine how to move during the embroidery process. This also allows for separation of different colours and threads within one logo. We program the stitch type, direction, density, pull compensation,underlay, locks, cuts and more. If you get this bit wrong, it doesn’t matter how good your embroidery machine is, your all important company logo will not look perfect,when it needs to be just this- perfect! We will digitise your logo for embroidered articles for free on orders of £100 (excluding VAT). If less than this, a small one-off charge of £15 plus VAT will be added to your first order for the digitisation of your logo. After your logo has been digitised, only the once, we then keep this on file for re-orders from our customers, i.e. digitisation only happens once per logo design for our customers no matter how many times you order with us for that design.

Our promise to you
We promise to endeavour to deliver the best quality workwear designs to you. Our artwork will always be perfect or near perfect match with your company colours (there are thousands of shades!) We always verify full colour breakdown with the customer to ensure they are fully aware of the name and colour of the thread used in your embroidered logo. (Communication during this process is key for speedy dispatch of your articles.)

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